Academic Achievements of Our Students

In the marketing department, there are courses such as economics, marketing, business, management and organization, financial accounting, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, mathematics and statistics. In addition to the theoretical courses prepared with an interdisciplinary approach, our students;

They acquire concepts and theories that they will use to solve problems related to different areas of business. They can evaluate the problems related to the internal and external environment of the business and gain research skills on where the necessary resources for solution can be obtained. They can generate and analyze innovative, entrepreneurial and creative strategies in marketing and business practices. They have the knowledge and skills and process and process management competence in the analysis of consumer requests and needs, marketing mix, marketing communication, marketing strategies, marketing information systems, integrated marketing communication, marketing research, post-modern marketing and international marketing. In order to increase the global competitiveness of the enterprises, they gain information on the selection of the target market, the appropriate goods and services for the target markets, and the selection of the appropriate strategy. They learn how local, regional and international markets operate and what types of activities can be carried out in these markets. They can analyze the effects of economic, technological, social and cultural issues on the decisions taken within the scope of marketing. They can follow and interpret developments all over the world in areas such as marketing, business and management. They have the opportunity to increase and highlight their theoretical knowledge and skills thanks to modern knowledge and approaches in marketing such as digital technologies, creativity and innovation management that will be internalized by applying methods such as simulated learning, experiential activities and learning through interdisciplinary projects.

Our Contribution Targets to Our Country and the World

To train qualified executive/expert personnel who can adapt quickly to changes in the dynamic marketing field, apply and manage new marketing techniques, To train qualified personnel for the managerial and operational activities of the marketing departments, Contributing to the industry’s production of high added value, increasing competitiveness, developing marketing capabilities with its qualified managers and expert personnel, and guiding the economic, technological, social and cultural development of our country, Contributing to the development of digital and entrepreneurial competencies of businesses, marketing innovation performances and marketing skills, Contributing to the development of entrepreneurial, innovative and marketing-oriented aspects of businesses, To guide the internationalization of businesses, To contribute to the development of the country and region by producing original projects, ideas and products in the field of marketing. To enrich the education and training principles and models in our country and in the world with innovative and creative approaches.

Job oppurtunities

The fact that the course content of the marketing program is oriented to global change and innovations and the language of instruction is English helps our students who graduate from the marketing program to find a job easily in international institutions/organizations and companies. The practical training given to our students in OSTİM industrial zone enterprises provides a great opportunity for our students to get a job after graduation. Our students will have the opportunity to work as managers/expert personnel in the marketing departments of OSTİM industrial enterprises and in other operational and managerial fields. 


The marketing department aims to train innovative marketing managers and experts, who follow the changes and developments in the field of marketing, are equipped with theoretical knowledge and applications in the field of marketing, can produce creative solutions to the marketing problems of the enterprises, are prone to teamwork, entrepreneurial and critical thinking.


It is to be a pioneering department which watches change and creates change all over the world that preferred with its educational quality, qualified scientific researches and collaborations, actively working in the design, development, adaptation, analysis, management and implementation of marketing strategies and methods in Turkey and in the world.

Our Differences

Applied Education Model

OSTİM Technical University was established in providing business and financial center have made remarkable contributions in Turkey’s industrialization. OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, where thousands of SMEs are located together with industrial enterprises has developed policies to increase national and international competitiveness in many sectors. For this purpose, 7 different clusters in 7 different sectors are working towards opening their member businesses to international markets and increasing their competitive power both nationally and internationally. The location of OSTIM Technical University in such an industrial zone offers great opportunities to the students of the marketing program with theoretical knowledge as well as practical education. Starting from the 2nd year, our students will receive applied training one course each semester in the marketing units of the companies in order to gain observation, application, innovation and management skills in the business environment.

Entrepreneurship Scorecard

Entrepreneurship Scorecard, which is based on gaining entrepreneurship mentality, equipment and skills to OSTİM Technical University students, is a follow-up procedure that allows the evaluation of the performance of each student in the university according to some predetermined or subsequently accepted entrepreneurial actions and in case of passing a certain stage.

For our students who have achieved a certain payroll in the Entrepreneurship Scorecard, our school will be given support and awards such as start-up capital support for the design, product, service or project they have established, job opportunities in OSTİM Technopark, finding and contacting partners, and internship opportunities abroad.

Lessons that Make a Difference

In the education program of our department, there are various activities that will be presented in addition to our students’ academic studies aiming to enable to easily adapt to university life, programs that will help the students to reach their goals and contribute to their personal development, courses such as Introduction to University Life, Building the Future, Entrepreneurship Project that help students to become active individuals, create intellectual curiosity, cultural sensitivity and awareness of taking responsibility, gain entrepreneurial qualities such as innovation-realization, commercialization, corporatization.


Academic Staff

Şeyda OK











Head of Department of Marketing

Our Philosophy of Education Methods

Learning with Simulation

Web-based training

Preparing project

Onsite Application


Professional Activity

Social activities

Field Study

computer assisted learning

Class & Classroom Activities

Team work



Technical tour


Business idea development

Frequently Asked Questions

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