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Ostim Technical University Institute of Science and Technology was established within the framework of the Higher Education Law No. 2547. Postgraduate education activities are carried out in accordance with the conditions defined in the Ostim Technical University Postgraduate Education Regulation. The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences shapes the graduate education activities with its curriculum created in accordance with today’s technology and its approach that prioritizes current technologies, and directs graduate students to research activities that involve practice, as well as meeting the qualified workforce needs of the industry. Ostim Technical University, which is located in the OSTİM industrial zone and continues its research and development activities in cooperation with the industry, aims to train qualified researchers needed for high-tech R&D studies with the strong teaching staff of the Institute of Science and Technology. The primary goal of the Graduate School of Sciences is to direct graduate students to advanced research, to have the ability to solve problems involving high-quality technology, to master engineering processes and to specialize in their own fields. Experiments, observations and research are needed in order to solve the urgent problems of many state institutions, industry and humanity that carry out applied studies and to find solutions. OSTIM Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology aims to find solutions to the problems of institutions and organizations related to postgraduate research and thesis topics and to support them with up-to-date technologies.

Prelector Dr. Hikmet BAL
Director of the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences

Software Engineering Master's Program with Thesis (Turkish)


Computer Engineering Master's Program with Thesis (English)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering Master's Program with Thesis (English)


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