OSTİM Technical University Institute of Social Sciences was established on 21/07/2020 started education service, on the basis of the 11th, 21st and 22nd articles of the OSTİM Technical University Main Regulation, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 03/12/2018 and numbered 30614.


and to build and offer advanced, high quality, innovative and modern postgraduate education and training services for its students, with a service model that puts academic knowledge and business careers at the center of education and training under the new higher education ecosystem.


The vision of our Institute is to become one of the few international institutes in the world, offering graduate academic and professional career degrees which are multicultural and highly prestigious and respected at the global level.

Our Differences

Institute Board

Assoc. Prof. Bahar Erdal

Director of the Institute of Social Sciences bahar.erdal@ostimteknik.edu.tr / +90 (312) 386 10 92

Prelector Dr. Serkan Bürken

Social Sciences Institute Deputy Director serkan.burken@ostimteknik.edu.tr / +90 (312) 386 10 92