Biomedical Device Technology (Turkish)

In the light of developments in Biomedical Device Technology research and development, thousands of high value-added devices are at the forefront of the sectors with product output. This area, which needs university and industry cooperation, is more open to research and development than other sectors. The maintenance, repair and calibration of these devices, which are mostly imported from abroad and which are quite expensive, and the efficient and effective delivery of health services to the country’s economy can only be achieved with well-trained technical staff in this field. This situation increases the need for personnel with technical and scientific knowledge who will carry out the design and development studies of biomedical systems and take part in the efficient use of the systems. As Ostim Technical University, the Biomedical Device Technology program within the Vocational School will train technicians who know the sector and have the capacity to see and solve the problems that may arise in the future. It aims to train intermediate staff who will work in the field of installation, technical operation, maintenance and repair of instruments and devices used for diagnosis and treatment, especially in the field of health. In our country, in recent years, the Ministry of Health has been working to increase the technical service support of biomedical devices at the institutional level, as well as private companies. Efforts are continuing to develop this sector and its service power. For this purpose, great steps are being taken towards the establishment and development of biomedical centers in hospitals. In these centers, the Biomedical Device Technology program within Ostim Technical University has set out to be a pioneer in the field in order to meet the need for qualified technicians of the sector in areas such as Medical Imaging Systems, Medical Laboratory and Non-Patient Application Devices, Life Support and Treatment Devices and Physiological Signal Monitoring Diagnosis and Recording Devices. . Biomedical device technician graduates can establish their own workplaces with their own initiatives; It is aimed to train technicians who are equipped to work in public and private hospitals, laboratories, dispensaries, medical device factories, medical equipment repair and maintenance workshops or services. For this reason, their working environments differ according to their workplace. They are in constant contact with doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel in their business life. Graduates can also gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs with the vertical transfer exam (DGS) if a quota is opened in their fields by making use of the provisions of the “Regulation on the Continuation of Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate Degree Graduates to Undergraduate Education”.


Aims to train qualified technical personnel to meet this increasing demand with dominated by technological developments required by the program, equipped with professional knowledge, research and learning, knowledge, self-confident, responsible, team work and human relations prone to creating a successful graduate profile.


To create a global program structure that is innovative, making difference, producing value and creating a perfection by educating future students in the field of Biomedical Device Technology and expanding the outstanding teaching staff.

Our Differences

In line with the “Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Model” framework implemented by OSTİM Technical University, our students in the Biomedical Device Technology Program will benefit from the following differences:

Applied Education Model

OSTIM Technical University was established in providing business and financial center have made remarkable contributions in Turkey’s industrialization. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical training is given importance in order to benefit from this knowledge. Beginning from the first grade, students will receive practical training at workplaces one day a week starting from the second semester in order to gain observation, application, innovation and management skills in the business environment.

Entrepreneurship Scorecard

Entrepreneurship scorecard, which is based on providing entrepreneurship mentality, equipment and skills to OSTIM Technical University students, is a follow-up method that allows the evaluation of the performance of each student in the university according to some predetermined or subsequently accepted entrepreneurial actions and in case of passing a certain stage. For our students who have achieved a certain success rate in the Entrepreneurship scorecard, our school will be given support and awards such as start-up capital support for their design, product, service or project, job opportunities, finding and contacting partners in OSTİM Technopark, and internship opportunities abroad.

Lessons that Make a Difference

In the Biomedical Device Technology education and training program, which aims to enable our students to easily adapt to university life, consists of various activities to be presented in addition to their academic studies, intellectual curiosity, which helps students to become active individuals with programs that will help students achieve their goals and contribute to their personal development, There are courses such as Introduction to University Life, Building the Future, Entrepreneurship Project that create awareness about taking sensitivity and responsibility, gaining entrepreneurial qualities such as innovation-realization, commercialization and corporation.

Our Contribution to Our Country and the World

  • To train graduating engineers who can easily adapt and participate in the speed of globalization, innovations and technological developments, think strategically and analytically and make decisions in this way,
  • To produce knowledge through quality scientific research in priority areas and to present original solutions for various problems by transferring this knowledge to students, production areas and other segments of society,
  • To contribute to the development of our country’s industry and technology with original projects in the fields of engineering,
  • To contribute to the industry to produce high added value, to increase competitiveness and to guide the economic, technological, social and cultural development of our country,
  • To enrich education and training principles and models in our country and in the world with innovative approaches.
Biomedical Device Technology

Academic Staff

Our Philosophy of Education

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Professional Activity

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