Cyber Security (Turkish)

With the developments in information technologies, the security of information, which is the raw material, input and output of these technologies, has gained importance. Every day, more and more information is processed, put into service, moved and archived in digital media. The training program to be given in the Ostim Technical University Vocational School of Information Security (formerly Information Security) Technology Program is designed to develop information security solutions for all sectors and to bring new talents who can work as technical support staff in the field of computer systems to the world of information, in addition to computer knowledge, considering today’s needs. . The rapid increase in the use of computer networks and the internet and the fact that it continues to increase, as well as the dependence of all institutions and organizations on technology and information, have made information security of vital importance. Since information security is a corporate governance element and closely related to information technology security, physical security, risk management, business continuity and compliance with laws and regulations, and thus supports various obligations towards employees, business partners, customers and society, it should be of high priority. it’s pretty obvious. The language of instruction of the program is Turkish.


Our mission is to train graduates with technical competence and practical skills in the field of Cyber Security.


Our vision is to train graduates of the program with the ability to set up hisown business and to more effectively solve the information security needs of institutions than competitors.

Our Differences


With the entrepreneurship ration card, it is aimed to provide students with the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship mentality. Entrepreneurship ration card application is completely based on voluntariness but it is recommended that all students participate. In this way, students will continue their education not only with the goal of being an employee of an institution, but also with the goal of set up their own business. Employees who have the self-confidence to set up their own businesses will be more beneficial regardless of their institution.


In the Cyber Security program, there are innovative programs that will facilitate the university life of students. There are courses that help students become active individuals, raise awareness of intellectual curiosity and responsibility, and provide entrepreneurial qualities such as innovation-realization, commercialization, corporatization.

Workplace Experience

OSTIM Technical University was founded by OSTIM Foundation that provided remarkable contributions to in the production area of Turkey. It is envisaged that this experience in the field of production will be transferred to the students from the first day of the education process. Therefore, the active learning processes of students have been accelerated by using an innovative and effective teaching model.

Solution-Oriented Thinking

The training will be carried out with a solution-oriented approach, thanks to the workplace experience that allows the manufacturing industry to observe the problems and become a part of the solution.
By this information, they will gain the feature of a technical staff who aims to solve or improve the problems in the production processes. This approach will be emphasized not only in the workplace education but also in the academic education process.

Contribution Targets to Our Country

Within the scope of this program, it is aimed to educate technical staff who know the current production technologies in the field needed by the country. In this way, it will be possible to contribute to high added value production processes in the country.
Moreover, they will be able to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills, original projects, ideas and products.

Cyber Security

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Our Philosophy of Education Methods

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They will acquire the technical equipment that will enable information to be obtained, stored and accessed and used by authorized persons. Information security strategies, firewall applications, data leak prevention methods, data storage and backup processes are among the information to be learned.

The program provides students with training in protecting and managing knowledge, one of the most valuable assets in an institution. It allows graduates to develop management and policy development skills by understanding the technical aspects of information security. In the program, graduates will acquire critical thinking, leadership and management skills together with their understanding of information security and its results in the institution.

With the education they receive, our graduates will have the opportunity to work in many business fields that use information technologies intensively, especially in the main application areas shown below; Analysis, design and implementation of corporate information security systems, Implementation, auditing and certification of information security management standards, Detection and strengthening of security vulnerabilities of information systems, Establishment and management of corporate information systems,

In many sectors where personal and corporate data are used intensively, there is a growing employment demand for program graduates in the following institutions and business fields, especially in the design, establishment, operation, audit and management of infrastructures for information security. Public institutions and organizations Armed forces Institutions and Organizations Providing Information and Communication Services Financial Institutions and Organizations educational institutions Institutions and Organizations Providing Health Care Software and Hardware, Design and Production Institutions and Organizations