E-Commerce and Marketing (Turkish)

Vocational school Digital Media and Marketing Program is a communicational field with a large work area. Technological developments and widespread use of the internet lead businesses to reach their target customers through new and innovative ways such as digital media. With the ever increasing use of digital marketing activities of consumers, digital marketing has become a strategically important tool for businesses. Digital marketing allows businesses to reach their customers in any place, time and situation. When the digital marketing tools, the advantages of digital marketing, the features of social media marketing, customer relations on social media platforms and the effect of social media on the purchasing process are taken into account, it is seen that there is an obvious and rapid change.

Having the awareness that the Digital Media and Marketing program has become one of the most important elements of the century we are in, Digital Media and Marketing is a department that educates graduates who are well-equipped in the field, who are already aware that our investments are important for the future.

The medium of the instruction of the department is Turkish.


Our mission is to train professional staff that can be qualified as “Digital Media and Marketing Specialist ” who will provide corporate communication of businesses on digital platforms, who are innovative, beyond professional standards, competent on implementing what they imagine, the closest follower and content producers of the digital world, well-aware of the impact of social media platforms on customer relations and purchasing process and qualified in supporting businesses to achieve their marketing objectives in search engines through all the analysis and application processes.


With the awareness of the fact that the concept of digitalization has become one of the most essential elements of the century we are in and the contributions of the information sector to profitability, development and branding, our vision is to be one of the pioneering training programs which ensures our investments to take place in digital media platforms –now a global market- and to be sustainable as well as educating “White Collar” professional staff who are both innovative, competitive and well-trained on the entire analysis and implementation process for businesses to achieve their marketing objectives.

Employment, Business and Career Areas of E-Commerce and Marketing Program Graduates

Our graduates are in the corporate communication departments of public institutions (such as the Municipality, University, Ministries), In the corporate communication departments of private institutions, In the marketing departments of all businesses, Digital media and marketing agencies, E-commerce Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Corporate Communications Specialist, They can work as Content Manager.

Our Differences

Applied Education Model

OSTİM Technical University was established in providing business and financial center have made remarkable contributions in Turkey’s industrialization. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical training is given importance in order to benefit from this knowledge. Starting from the first year, students will receive practical training, one course in each semester, in the first year of business in digital media and marketing units in order to gain observation, application, innovation and management skills in the business environment.

Entrepreneurship Scorecard

Entrepreneurship Scorecard, which is based on gaining entrepreneurship mentality, equipment and skills to OSTİM Technical University students, is a follow-up procedure that allows the evaluation of the performance of each student in the university according to some predetermined or subsequently accepted entrepreneurial actions and in case of passing a certain stage.

For our students who have achieved a certain payroll in the Entrepreneurship Scorecard, our school will be given support and awards such as start-up capital support for the design, product, service or project they have established, job opportunities in OSTİM Technopark, finding and contacting partners, and internship opportunities abroad.

Lessons that Make a Difference

In the education program of our department, there are various activities that will be presented in addition to our students’ academic studies aiming to enable to easily adapt to university life, programs that will help the students to reach their goals and contribute to their personal development, courses such as Introduction to University Life, Building the Future, Entrepreneurship Project that help students to become active individuals, create intellectual curiosity, cultural sensitivity and awareness of taking responsibility, gain entrepreneurial qualities such as innovation-realization, commercialization, corporatization.

E-Commerce and Marketing

Academic Staff

Our Philosophy of Education Methods

Learning with Simulation

Web Based Learning

Preparing project

Onsite Application


Professional Activity

Social activities

Field Study

Report Writing

Class & Classroom Activities

Team work



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