Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology (Turkish)

– To provide service and release product in the field of hybrid and electric vehicles technicians, by taking into consideration of the scientific values ​​and professional ethics.

– To be able to apply basic knowledge acquired in the fields of employee rights, human rights, quality and professional ethics by carrying it to the working life.

– Operation of hybrid and electric vehicles and technical maintenance of these vehicles.

– To have information about current technologies used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

– To have a preliminary knowledge about the failure situations that hybrid and electric vehicles may encounter and to inform about the technical approaches to eliminate these failures.

– To have knowledge about battery technologies used in hybrid and electric vehicles and to prevent possible malfunctions by measuring these battery systems.

– Creating wiring projects for hybrid and electric vehicles and ensuring that the components of these vehicles are optimally positioned in the vehicle.

– To have knowledge about engine technologies used in hybrid and electric vehicles and their basic testing processes.

– To have knowledge about the technologies of conventional internal combustion engine and collaboration hybrid system of IC engine and electric motor.

– Being able to identify errors and malfunctions with the help of signal monitoring and measurement techniques by determining the basic measurement and calculation applications in electrical circuit systems and eliminating them when necessary equipment is provided.

– To gain the knowledge and skills to make basic electronic circuits and applications.

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