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MYO Machine Program is a Machine Technician field with a wide working area.

Machine Technician has a wide range of work areas from computer aided design and production to line planning areas, maritime to aviation. MYO Machinery Program is a department that deals with the design, production and maintenance of many hardware, machinery, tools, devices, systems and processes that we need in daily life and production.

Today, our industrialists strongly need Machine Technicians who have a well-trained education. These Machine Technicians are also provided with a range of opportunities both domestically and abroad, both financially and in terms of improving and advancing themselves in their careers. In this context, OTU Vocational School Machine Program Students are taught English preparation depending on their wishes.

Machine Technicain is the person who plays a role in designing, producing and maintaining maintenance in a manner that is valid, efficient, safe, econamical, respectful to the environment and ethical values. The employment, job and career fields of the students who will graduate in the MYO Machine Program are spread over a wide range and scale, and these fields are indicated in the following table.

The language of the program is Turkish.


To educate individuals to become entrepreneur and enthusiast to discover, able to develop their practical design abilities by equipping them with theoretical and applied infrastructure, and to ensure that they become “Machine Technician and Technical Staff” who will make a difference in Turkish Industry.


To be one of the top five Machine programs both in the field of R&D and education as a department that can contribute to technology with the knowledge and skills acquired by the trained technicians, create an infrastructure for production and provide a university-industry cooperation

Our Differences

In line with the “Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Model” framework implemented by OSTİM Technical University, our students in the Machinery Department will benefit from the following differences:

Applied Education Model

 It is one of the most developed industrial basins of our country, in which approximately 6000 companies carry out their activities within the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, where OSTİM Technical University is located. In this context, our students of the Machinery Department will be matched to a business that is suitable for their specialization, covering one day a week during the course of their programs and all of them in the last semester. They will work full time in this business and will start their business life at a certain experience level after their graduation by combining the practical knowledge and experience they have acquired and their theoretical knowledge.

Entrepreneurship Project

Our students will be equipped with basic information about technology-based entrepreneurship from the first semester and they will have the opportunity to test their first business ideas in the first year of their education with the Entrepreneurship Project they will develop. Our students with successful business ideas and projects will have the chance to establish their own business with the support provided by OSTİM Technical University and OSTİM Technopark.

Contribution Targets To Our Country And The World

  By educating graduates who have theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of machinery with world-class quality education, who have literacy in rising technological paradigms such as industry 4.0, Digital Transformation and Internet of Things and technological change and development, have entrepreneurship skills,  to help meet the need for technician and intermadiate staff of our country,

 To conduct scientific studies in the field of machinery; organizing conferences and seminars,

 To contribute to the development of our region and country with original scientific projects to be developed,

 To contribute to the universal development of the discipline with theoretical and practical studies in the field of machinery,

 It is aimed to help the development of a high value-added machinery industry in our country with academic studies and our graduates.


Academic Staff

Our Philosophy of Education Methods

Learning with Simulation

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Preparing project

Practical training


Vocational Education

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