Mechatronics (Turkish)

Producing high value-added products is included in every detail of the curriculum of OSTİMTECH Vocational School Mechatronics Program graduates. OSTIMTECH Mechatronics Program is completely practice-oriented. In this sense, for the equipment given to the student, especially reverse engineering, in fields such as Defense Industry, Materials Processing, Aviation, Medicine, Automotive, Digital Controlled Machines; Ensuring the production of the designed projects, To conduct research, measurements and investigations for the development of smart devices to be used in the work area, To provide assembly, disassembly, testing, service and maintenance control of mechatronic systems known as electromechanical devices, To ensure the elimination of electronic and mechatronic faults, It will be ensured that they are equipped with information on issues such as calibrations, measurements and adjustments, which are within their professional responsibilities. Mechatronics technician; It is the person who deals with all the details from the production of all kinds of electronic, mechanical and electrical devices in the technological field, especially information technologies, to the maintenance and repair and operation. The program is designed to provide students with the professional skills to work effectively, including the design, production and implementation of systems used in the field of Mechatronics Technician. In the program, students will be introduced to their professions early by providing basic mechanical technology field knowledge in the first year.


Educating our students with a theoretical and applied infrastructure in the Mechatronics program, educating them as individuals who are constantly renewing themselves, able to analyze, develop their practical design abilities, entrepreneurship, curious to explore and prone to teamwork and make a difference in Turkish Industry. 


To be one of the top five Mechatronics programs both in the field of R&D and education as a department that can contribute to technology with the knowledge and skills it has acquired, creates a substructure for reproduction and blends university-industry cooperation in the best way.

Our Differences

In line with the “Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Model” framework implemented by OSTİM Technical University, our students in the Mechatronics Department will benefit from the following differences:

Applied Education Model

It is one of the most developed industrial basins of our country, in which approximately 6000 companies operate within the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, where OSTİM Technical University is located. In this context, our students of the Department of Mechatronics will have one day per week in their program-containing periods; they will be matched to a business that is suitable for their specialties in all of their last periods. They will work full time in this business; By combining the practical knowledge and experience they have acquired and their theoretical knowledge, they will start their business life at a certain level of experience during their graduation.

Entrepreneurship Project

Our students will be equipped with basic information about technology-based entrepreneurship from the first term; With the Entrepreneurship Project they will develop, they will have the opportunity to test their first business ideas in the first year of their education. Our students with successful business ideas and projects will have the chance to establish their own business with the support provided by OSTİM Technical University and OSTİM Technopark.

Entrepreneurship Scorecard

The experiences gained by our students in the Mechatronics Department during their two-year university life, the activities and trainings they have taken in the Entrepreneurship Project and Applied Education will be collected under the Entrepreneurship Scorecard of OSTİM Technical University and presented to our student during graduation. In this way, it is aimed that our student can show his entrepreneurial competencies and experiences while starting his business life and looking for a job.


With the world-class quality education to be given, the technological and practical knowledge in the field of Mechatronics, rising technological paradigms such as Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation and Internet of Things, literacy in technological change and development, entrepreneur and innovative, who are prone to collaboration and teamwork, educate graduates who are prone to cooperation and teamwork. To help meet the need for staff,

To conduct scientific studies in the field of mechatronics; organizing conferences and seminars,

To contribute to the development of our region and country with the original scientific projects to be developed,

To contribute to the universal development of the discipline with theoretical and practical studies in the field of mechatronics,

It is aimed to help the development of a high value-added Mechatronics industry in our country with the academic studies and our graduates.


Academic Staff

Our Philosophy of Education Methods

In-class and extra-curricular activities

Web Based Training

Preparing project

On-Site Practice and Learning


Vocational Education

Social Events

Field Study

computer assisted learning

Collaboration and team building

Practical training

workplace training


Technical tour


Business idea development


Frequently Asked Questions

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