Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Operations (Turkish)

As an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), it is a kind of advance within the human. The most important and indispensable part of UAVs is a communication system between a ground-based controller and aircraft. It is a kind of aircraft that does not have a pilot and passenger, and can only operate remotely and/or automatically with suitable equipment (video camera, camera, GNSS, laser scanning device, etc.). The military, civil (hobby and commercial) and usage professionals of UAVs can be shaped to be more than these classes of usage and rapidly increasing all over the world.

It is two advanced training programs to ensure that the unmanned aerial vehicle design, production, maintenance, operation and training, which will be needed by the pilot in suitable locations, will be of interest and suitable for the service. Graduates, researcher for aircraft technicians and researcher in development companies; intermediate staff in companies to complete the platform and its components; flight operations have the qualifications to work as an operator or pilot in companies. The graduates of his programs will learn the training of human air pilots and will graduate himself from this business life with growth in his future age.

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