Weapon Industry Technician (Turkish)

The arms industry is in constant development due to the rapidly changing market and competition conditions at the global level. With the government support policies recently increased by the Ministry of Defense Industry, it has been adopted as a principle to meet the critical technologies and design capabilities needed in the Turkish defense industry at the highest rate, and it is aimed to focus on original design programs that will be carried out under the responsibility of domestic main contractors. MİLGEM Corvette, Atak Attack Helicopter, Altay Tank, Anka and Bayraktar Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Hürkuş Training Aircraft, Göktürk-1 Surveillance Satellite, Rapid Response Boats, New Type Patrol Boats, National Infantry Rifle, Mine-Proof Vehicles, Airborne Vehicles Defense and Missile Systems were among the projects. For the sustainability of this rapid rise, it is a fact that qualified technical staff will be needed to work in this field from now on. In addition, since weapons industry technologies require people who can have special and continuous education to work, trained human resources to work in this field are very important. OSTİM Industry, where OSTİM Technical University is located, is a basin where many small, medium and large-scale companies serving the defense industry are located. In addition, as the university is located in Ankara, weapons, cannons, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, night vision devices, holographic weapon sights, laser rangefinders, laser sights, grenades, land mines used in the defense industry It is close to companies that manufacture and trade products such as heavy machine guns and organized industrial zones. Therefore, there is a great need for people who can select, analyze, design, maintain and repair products in the defense industry in this region. OSTİM Technical University Weapons Industry Technician Program is equipped with the ability to follow science and technology, has analytical thinking ability, can effectively use, interpret and analyze the information learned, respond to the expectations of the business world and industry, and have the ability to work at national and international level. It aims to train individuals.



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Applied Education Model

OSTİM Technical University was established in the business and finance center that has made remarkable contributions to the industrialization of Turkey. In order to benefit from this knowledge, practical training is given importance in addition to theoretical knowledge. Starting from the first year, students will receive applied training, one course per semester, in the first year in the E-Commerce and Marketing units of the enterprises in order to gain observation, application, innovation and management skills in the business environment.

Entrepreneurship Scorecard

Entrepreneurship scorecard, which is based on OSTİM Technical University students to gain entrepreneurial mentality, equipment and skills, is a follow-up procedure that allows the performance of each student within the university to be evaluated according to some predetermined or subsequently accepted entrepreneurial actions and to be rewarded if a certain stage is passed. For our students who achieve a certain score in the entrepreneurship scorecard, our school will provide support and awards such as start-up capital support for the design, product, service or project they have designed, job opportunities in OSTİM Technopark, finding and connecting business partners, and internship opportunities abroad.

Lessons That Make a Difference

In the education program of our department, intellectual curiosity, cultural sensitivity and responsibility, helping students become active individuals, with programs that aim to easily adapt to university life, consist of various activities to be offered in addition to their academic studies, help students reach their goals and contribute to their personal development. There are courses such as Introduction to University Life, Building the Future, Entrepreneurship Project, which raise awareness about buying, innovation-realization, commercialization, and incorporation.
Weapon Industry Technician

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